Audi badge Ballard hydrogen

Fuel cell manufacturer Ballard will continue to work alongside premium German carmaker Audi in developing hydrogen powertrains for passenger cars.

Ballard Power Systems and Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen Group, have signed a 3.5-year extension to the agreement, which has already been in place since 2013. This continuation means that Ballard will work alongside Audi during the initial release of the car brand’s first fuel cell vehicles, expected in the coming years.

“Our collaboration with Ballard has enabled the acceleration of our automotive fuel cell program, by bringing together fuel cell skills and expertise in both organizations,” said Dr Peter Mertens, Board Member for Technical Development at Audi AG.

“We have developed demonstration cars using fuel cell technology and design from the HyMotion program, and are working toward a small series production launch.”

Audi, which owns Italian supercar marque Lamborghini, is the Volkswagen Group’s hydrogen fuel cell lead. It has recently entered a fuel cell partnership with Korean automotive giant Hyundai, which will see the two companies sharing patents and development. Hyundai has already brought one fuel cell car to market, and is currently in the process of launching a second.

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